The St. Regis Hong Kong



Hong Kong is often times referred to as the Manhattan of the East, so it only makes sense that the New York native, St. Regis has finally made its debut in Hong Kong.





Unveiling a luxurious yet modern space designed by the renowned interior designer André Fu, The St. Regis Hong Kong’s aim was to blend architectural creativity, cultural diversity and timeless elegance.





Taking great importance in heritage and legacy, The St. Regis Hong Kong focused on the design concept of “East-meets-West” which can be discovered in and around the property, such as the lighting fixtures reminiscent of old Hong Kong gas lamps, and the panelling suggesting wooden shop shutters.






Modern and contemporary with a mix of heritage, the concept continues in the rooms, with the signature St. Regis Butler Service which allows convenient in-room check-in’s, providing a tailored experience.






A staple of St. Regis hotels around the world, the St. Regis bar is the perfect place to wind down for a craft cocktail, or their signature Canto Mary, their own take on the Bloody Mary, with a delicious mix of exotic Cantonese ingredients.






Adjacent to the St. Regis Bar is the Drawing Room, where cultural heritage is continued to be preserved. Their afternoon tea is served in trolleys like the ones at traditional dim sum restaurants, wheeled around the room for a pick and mix service, instead of a typical afternoon tea set. This modern twist is just another great example of the St. Regis Hong Kong paying homage to the legacy of the brand and putting in a more modern reinterpretation for the 21st century.












One of the two dining options at St. Regis Hong Kong is Rùn, a high-end Chinese restaurant serving traditional Cantonese dishes led by the award-winning chef Hung Chi-Kwong.










Upstairs at L’Envol, Michelin-starred chef Olivier Elzer offers contemporary and innovative French gastronomy with carefully curated menus behind the open kitchen. The name ‘L’Envol’ means ‘the flight’ in french, making a reference to an aircraft taking off, and the soaring start of a memorable meal.










Breakfast can be enjoyed either in-room or downstairs at Rùn, and everything was fresh, delicious, and nothing short of wonderful.





The St. Regis ritual of champagne sabrage lives on here at the St. Regis Hong Kong. With a storied tradition, the signature ceremony enables guests to take part in the rich celebration for an unforgettable experience.



There’s not enough words to express how grateful and honored I feel to have been given this opportunity to discover the beautiful space at the St. Regis Hong Kong, and learn about its legacy and traditions. There were so many memorable experiences for me during my stay, such as getting to know the history of the St. Regis Bar, pop opening a Ruinart Champagne with a sword, but above all, what struck me the most was the people. I was able to connect and chat with the team members, and I soon realized these people truly pour their heart into hospitality, and that genuine passion really shows through. It’s dedication like this that really makes a stay at the St. Regis Hong Kong an unforgettable one. 






The St. Regis Hong Kong (@stregishk)
1 Harbour Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong





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