Rosewood Hong Kong



The ultra-luxury Rosewood Hotel has made its much-anticipated landmark debut on the majestic Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.





Setting the bar high, Rosewood Hong Kong provides tailored hospitality and an all around exceptional experience: After being picked-up for a journey on their signature Range Rover, I was welcomed by the delightful team members and my personal butler for my check-in.





As evident from the carefully curated collection of artworks and the beautiful design details, it was clear that there was an immense amount of attention put into every little corner of this property.









The Harbour Corner Suite, with the ever so beautiful views of the Victoria Harbour was nothing but a dream. As in all areas of the hotel, the concept of mixing contemporary and traditional design was present to showcase Hong Kong’s rich heritage and to pay homage to the city in a thoughtful manner.

The luxurious furnishings, a bar cart for DIY cocktails, a bed big enough for a crowd, and a leather-clad dressing room with cashmere covered walls were just a few of the many many reasons why I found it quite difficult to leave the room.







The highlight of my Harbour Corner Suite was perhaps the stunning bathroom, featuring an elegant bathtub, marble shower for two, heated walls for your monogrammed bathrobes to be kept warm, and a vanity with a Dyson hairdryer. With no exaggeration, this is the most beautiful bathroom I ever did (and will) see.







The hotel’s restaurant, Holt’s Café, offers both local and international cuisine, in a stylish upscale setting.

The lunch menu provided a contemporary take on Hong Kong’s traditional “Cha Chaan Teng” culture, with a variety of dim sum selections, and delicious drink menus.




The dinner menu at Holt’s Café featured Western Specialties, Noodles & Rice, Barbeque, etc, however, I trusted the recommendations and opted for the lobster salad, pan-seared cod, and matcha sundae, which all turned out to be delicious.





Holt’s Café also provides top-quality tea experience with an extensive tea list including classic Chinese teas, Hong Kong-style milk tea, premium aged single-origin herbal blends, and rare blends.







Adjacent to Holt’s Café is The Butterfly Room, where a luxurious afternoon tea can be enjoyed in a delightful setting (with Damien Hirst’s renowned butterfly artworks!)






The hotel’s bar, Darkside is a timeless celebration of rare aged spirits and classic cocktails complemented by sultry live jazz. The creative cocktail list pays homage to Kowloon district, also known as the “Dark Side.”



* More food and beverage venues are scheduled to open in the upcoming months at Rosewood Hong Kong.






Set on the 40th floor, the Manor Club provides exceptional yet discreet service and exclusive privacy in a sophisticated atmosphere, with a panoramic views of Victoria Harbour.






For wellness, Rosewood HK embodies the philosophy of Asaya, which means “setting an intention or hope” (to propel self-change and transformation) in Sanskrit. While its full spectrum of services will unveil soon, the gym with state-of-the-art equipments, and the infinity outdoor pool with panoramic views are readily available.











I want to take this moment to express my gratitude towards each and every member of the Rosewood Hong Kong, for giving me this incredible opportunity to learn about the hotel, and going above and beyond to make my stay so special. The passion and dedication of the team at Rosewood HK is truly unparalleled, and I have absolutely no doubt in mind that it will play an important role in redefining luxury hospitality and in bringing a distinctive vibrancy to the city of Hong Kong.








Rosewood Hong Kong
No18, Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong








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