I remember seeing this Puzzle bag when it first came out about 3 years ago under the new Loewe directed by Jonathan Anderson. My first impression was “what a cool bag” but I never thought I would actually buy one, as the unique cuboid shape made me doubt its longevity.

Fast forward to now, the bag proved me wrong with its staying power and has slowly but surely obtained the title of a true LOEWE icon as of today.







The name of the bag, Puzzle, comes from the deftly carved geometric components, resembling the subtly sculptural puzzle pieces.


The bag comes in various colors, materials, and sizes. Personally, the design was already a unique statement enough, which is why I opted for the very classic options: Tan, Classic Calfskin, Small.
(24 x 16.5 x 10.5 cm)

The Small size is the perfect size for me on my petite frame, while still fitting a ton.
I’m the kind of person who carries very little with me, but just to give an example, I can also fit in my DSLR camera, on top of what is shown below..

















This bag is by far, the most care-free and durable bag in my collection. I am not at all concerned about ruining its shape because it is supposed to have that natural slouch over use, which I am looking forward to. It is also super resistant to scratches or stains, compared to other bags.


Although it has only been about 2 months (so still relatively new), I have no doubt in my mind that it will age beautifully.







Though there are 5+ different ways to wear the bag, I usually carry it by the handle, or on my arm/shoulder if I need to be hands-free. The bag can also be folded until it is completely flat – I have not tried this yet but it should come in handy especially when traveling..









While I have been enjoying this bag to bits, like all things in life, it comes with some negatives.



  1. THE STRAP: If you have been following the journey of the Puzzle bag, you may have noticed some changes throughout the seasons. One of these changes is that the Small version now comes with a thinner strap (the Medium still comes with the wide strap) I was aware of this prior to my purchase, however I did not expect the inconveniences it would bring. The new thinner straps do not stay in place and tends to dangle making the whole look of the bag a tad bit messy. See below for example 😦



















2. THE OPENING: I read this on almost every review of this bag, and I also agree with the fact that the short opening is quite cumbersome. While the bag can fit much, getting things in and out of the bag could have been easier if the zippers were wider.






Despite these minor concerns, my only regret about this bag is not getting it sooner. I truly adore this piece and its incredible craftsmanship and functionality. The stunning shade of Tan magically elevates any kind of outfit, with an understated yet feminine touch, while adding subtle branding with the stamped white logo.


Processed with VSCO with j5 preset





CLICK TO SHOP the Loewe Puzzle bag below: 




4 thoughts on “LOEWE PUZZLE BAG

  1. this is a wonderful review and you wear it so well! i’m considering the puzzle in the same color – have you experienced any issues with color transfer?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sophia! Thanks for your kind words. I have had the bag for over 5 months now and haven’t noticed any color transfer yet! It’s such a great bag all around 🙂


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