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I know it’s only been less than 2 months since I got my Chanel Boy Bag, but what better way to celebrate my birthday trip to Italy than with a cute little Gucci bag, especially when your birthday falls on National Handbag Day? I couldn’t justify not to.




Here is the truth: I remember seeing the Marmont bags for the first time and thinking I would never buy them. I saw them everywhere (which, strangely, made me not really want one) and I immediately thought they would be a trend that would eventually phase out after a few seasons, which is why I stayed away from it in the beginning.




And here I am, with the bag I never thought I’d bring home. What a hypocrite, I know. Looking at my handbag collection, I was very content with all the classic pieces I own, thus I felt OK with my decision to add in a trendy piece for the first time.

So what eventually changed my mind about the Marmont? Definitely the velvet material of this bag. With the rich and luxe texture, velvet is one of the most coveted fall trends, proving to be a favorite staple throughout the colder months and into the early spring.

This Marmont in velvet, in comparison to the leather version, is more structured, and overall more attractive, in my opinion. The leather ones looked and felt a bit flimsy to me, and I didn’t like how malleable it was.





I opted for the mini size (L 22 cm x H 13 cm x P 6 cm) as I thought it was the perfect size for my petite frame. I also enjoy wearing my bags in multiple ways, and the next size up was a bit awkward on me when worn cross-body.

Another factor that won me over was the descent price point, at €1090 (with the VAT tax refund of €141, the total would come out to be €949). Knowing that it’d be a trendy piece and that I most likely won’t wear it 5-10 years in time, I probably wouldn’t have made the purchase if the price was too high.







On top of the gorgeous velvet material, and the reasonable price, versatility is another strength of this bag. This bag is such a great day-to-night piece that I am able to wear it to work, and of course at night, thanks to the lovely gold chain that gives the bag more of a dressy feel. I, without hesitation, chose the classic black color, as other colors available in velvet (turquoise, cobalt blue, rubin red) were too funky for me, and would not have been suitable for everyday use.









  • Velvet material: While the velvet is surely beautiful, it also happens to be my concern of this bag. This is my very first non-leather bag (although my Gucci Dionysus has some suede on it), and I know the velvet can be vulnerable especially when it comes to rain/snow. I tend not to baby my bags, but I do try to be careful with them especially when I’m in a crowded area, so with the velvet, I am a bit extra careful. No questions asked, this bag will not be worn out in the rain/snow, and I guess I could use some sort of a protectant spray, but we will see how it stands the test of time.


  • Structure: As I’ve mentioned before, the velvet version does have more structure than the leather one, but overtime I can see it slowly losing its shape. Moreover, I noticed the sides of the bag oddly sticking out, more and more compared to when I first got it, and I believe this is due to me wearing it on the shoulder with doubled-up chain, and my arms pressing against the bag. Because of this, the bag is not fully covered and there are spaces in between the closure, thus I will have to be cautious not to put small items (like coins, earrings) as they might fall out of the bag.







Other than these menial concerns, I have thoroughly been enjoying this bag, and while I don’t expect the Marmont to remain as a classic, I do believe it has more staying power than the typical trendy bags I thought it once was going to be.




Shop Gucci Marmont bags below:

black blue redturq





7 thoughts on “Gucci Marmont

  1. I have been putting this bag on/off my wish list but the more i see it the more i want it especially when you posted it on instagram 😂
    Btw since you travel a lot, which designer shoes best for walk all day? What about the chanel flat shoes? Would be great if you make a blog post about it.

    Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Janice!
      I’d definitely recommend the bag if you’re looking for a trendy piece to wear for the next few seasons, but I’d suggest getting it sooner than later so that you can enjoy it for a bit longer, as I don’t see it as a forever piece (although that’s just my opinion/prediction)

      In terms of the Chanel flats, I highly recommend them! I’ve worn them so much since they pretty much go with any outfit, and they are surprisingly super comfortable, however, I can’t recall bringing them on my travels and I think it’s because they take a bit more space than other flats I own (APC/Repetto) I will write about my designer shoes in my next blog post – thanks for your suggestion; they always help when I’m running out of ideas on what to write about! 🙂

      All my best,


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